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02 March 2010 @ 09:38 pm
FIC: Bitten (6/6) KB/JD, NC-17  
Title: Bitten (6/6)
Author: InTheVAST
Pairing/Character: Kristen Bell/ Jason Dohring, the rest of the VM cast
Word Count: 3,500
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: blood drinking, sexy situations, language
Summary: What happens after Jason Dohring bites Kristen Bell while filming a love scene on the set of Veronica Mars?
Spoilers: Up to S3 of VM.
Disclaimer: Come on if I had rights to Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring would I be writing about them? No. As far as I know they are both happy with their significant others but Kristen Bell could really use an upgrade. Needless to say this is all made up and vampires don't really exist. ;)
A/N: Thanks to little_linds for editing this. You rock lady.

Part one of this fic can be read here, part two is here, part three is here, part four is here and part five is here.

To the readers: Thanks for your patience and encouragement! I’m sorry it took forever to write this but hopefully it was a fun ride while it lasted! I loved writing for you guys so much. <3

Previously (for those of you who don't want to go back and reread): During the filming of a love scene, Jason loses control and bites Kristen on the neck... this makes her go to a very happy place. She finds out later that he is a vampire and that the Church of Scientology is a cover up to hide an underground vampire organization, and yeah, their co-stars Chris and Ryan are also members. Kristen and Jason grow closer because of this secret, all the while developing a romantic relationship. When they finally make love, Kristen wakes to find Jason gone... with no explanation. She is now forced to deal with Chris alone, who has a really strange vampiric attraction to her and is stalking her. Creepy! In the last chapter, he attacks her. Will Jason find her in time or is Kristen about to go Buffy on Chris's ass? And will our two heroes ever settle down and have a Reneseme of their own? Click the link below to find out what happens!

Chris grabbed a fistful of her hair, yanking her head back…

Through the red film of pain, she tried to think of something warm and beautiful. She thought of Jason.

And then, it was his voice breaking into the darkness. Kristen didn’t even have time to wonder if his words were an illusion, some sort of invention from her pathetic mind.

“Get off her,” Jason ordered, deadly calm. Kristen’s eyes popped open, and Chris froze on top of her. Jason, her Jason, stood still in the door way, his entire body poised and taut for a fight.

Kristen shuddered with relief, unable to even speak. Slowly, Chris pulled away from her and wiped her blood from his mouth. Ewww. She felt nothing but disgust, and well, a dull ache at the hollow of her throat from being bitten. Again. But this time she hadn’t liked it at all. Chris looked at her regretfully before turning to look over his shoulder at Jason.

“Nice of you to join us,” Chris told Jason cheerfully. “Too bad for you, I don’t like to share.”

Jason’s knuckles were turning white as he gripped the door frame. Chris was too distracted with Jason’s angry expression and his own gloating but Kristen saw more than a suggestion of a threat in Jason’s pose. She knew that things between them could get ugly really quickly. It was like they were two of her own dogs fighting over a bone. That gave her an idea. A really smart one, or a really stupid one.

“Jason doesn’t like to share either,” she blurted. “And he was the one who bit me first.”

Chris and Jason both stared back at her, their expressions twin mirrors of shock. It would have been comical under a different situation. You know, one where her life isn’t at stake. Come on, she thought. Work with me Jason. Couldn’t he see what she was doing? And god damn it, her wrist effing hurt.

“She’s right. You can’t share what isn’t yours,” Jason replied tightly. “She is my pet.”

Chris’ eyebrows went up in surprise and Kristen couldn’t breathe. Jason stepped out of the shadows. But it wasn’t her Jason. Not the one that had kissed every inch of her body so tenderly last night, the one that looked at her with love in his eyes for years. This Jason looked cruel, capable of crushing her. He smiled coldly at her.

A strange sense of déjà vu struck her, but she couldn’t place it. She could only hope that Jason knew what she was trying to do. That he cared enough about her, at least to try and save her from Chris. But she didn’t know for sure. Especially because it looked like he was already playing his “role” too well.

“Pet or not,” Chris said, annoyed. “You broke the rules. You told her about us.”

“I can erase her memory,” Jason replied.

Kristen’s eyes darted to his in surprise. Did he mean it? Did he really want her to forget everything they shared? It was stupid but she felt tears gather in her eyes at the hurt she felt. She blinked furiously, chasing them away.

Chris glared at Jason. “You know what Jace? You’re a party pooper. ‘Erase her memories?’” he mimicked condescendingly. “Where’s the fun in that? You’ve fallen a long way from our little church Jason,” Chris sighed and paused dramatically. “How can I put this nicely? You. Don’t. Matter. You protect humans over your own kind. When humans are just meant for food, like this lovely little morsel here.”

Kristen stared hatefully at Chris as he turned away from Jason to smile down at her and reach for her again. She was about to twist away from his unwanted touch when she heard Jason’s growl. In a blur of movement, he had launched himself from the door and onto Chris’ back. He pulled Chris off the bed by his shirt collar and punched him, pushing him even further away from her. With a rush of adrenaline, Kristen took the opportunity to steady herself and lift herself up from the bed. She didn’t want to be trapped there again.

Both of the vampires’ faces were twisted in fury as they snapped and lunged at each other. They didn’t even notice her as she timidly approached them from the side of the bed. She glanced around frantically, trying to think of a way to help even though some part of her realized how dumb that was. Jason was bigger and stronger, but she didn’t think he was a killer. She already knew what Chris was capable of.

And the other vampire was fighting ruthlessly. Every time Jason was starting to get the upper hand, Chris fought back with a second wind and with years of practice from probably attacking humans like herself. He elbowed Jason in the stomach, and when Jason was doubled over, Chris kicked the bedroom coffee table over and savagely tore the left wooden leg off. Kristen heard the crunching sound and stared at Jason who was standing straight again, preparing to defend himself. Was Chris trying to stake her boyfriend?

Without thinking, her uninjured hand closed tight around the strangely shaped, long object on the night stand beside her. Jason was facing her and their eyes met. He started to shake his head but Chris was moving again, rushing at him with his newly formed stake. While he and Jason grappled, Kristen came up behind Chris and hit him as hard as she could on the head with Logan’s ugly fish decorated lamp.

Chris sagged to the floor and Jason was on him in a flash, holding his wrists behind his back.

“Can you get me the sheets from the bed?” Jason asked. His face was bleeding. She realized with a start that somewhere in the fight, Chris had bitten Jason’s ear. Her heart lurched.

She rushed to the bed quickly to distract herself, ripping the wrinkled sheets from the mattress. Jason took them from her and working together, they began to tie Chris’ arms and legs together. She winced as she tried to get her hurt wrist to obey in tying a knot around Chris’ wrist.

Jason’s voice broke the silence. “You shouldn’t be using that wrist.”

“I need to do something, Jason,” she told him, proud of the calm in her voice.

His throat worked convulsively. “I should have gotten here sooner. And then he wouldn’t have been able to even touch you.”

“I’m just happy that you even came,” she told him. “Jason, you saved my life. Again.”

“You saved me too,” he said softly, holding her gaze. “From more than you will ever know.”

She looked down and away from him, feeling her hurt resurfacing like an old bruise touched one too many times. “You know that isn’t true,” she said. “You didn’t want me.”

She heard him inhale sharply but he said nothing. She concentrated on tying the rest of her knot one handed. What more could she say or do?

Well, there was the whole matter of what were they going to do with an unconscious Church of Scientology official. She couldn’t even begin to wonder how they were going to handle this situation.

“Well lookee here,” came a voice from the door. Both Kristen and Jason’s head jerked up in alarm.

Ryan was lazily leaning against the wall and smiling at them. “I guess I miss all of the fun, don’t I?”

Kristen smiled at him in relief. She wanted to run over there and hug him but she was just too sore.

“Oh, the fun isn’t over,” Jason told their friend. “Especially when the church finds out about this.”

Ryan shrugged. “I made some calls after you told me you were heading here. It turns out the church wants him put down for this. He’s been acting without orders when it comes to finding human prey and he risks exposing us all because of it. Travolta isn’t happy.”

Kristen gasped, looking at Chris and Jason.

“You mean like they want us to kill him?” she squeaked. She didn’t know why that bothered her so much when Chris had definitely been willing to do even worse things to her. Murder was still murder though, even if he was evil.

Smirking, Ryan laughed. “No, like erasing his memory. He’ll remember his name and how to count to three but that’s probably about it.” His expression turned serious as he glanced at Jason.

“Now will you do the honors, or will I?” he asked. “He won’t be unconscious for long.”

Jason looked down dismissively at Chris. His expression was one of disgust and his lip curled. With a sweep of his hands, he gestured invitingly at Ryan.

“By all means,” he told him. “He’s all yours.”


Once Ryan was done, Chris stared vacantly at the wall in front of him. He didn’t move or try to speak to them. Kristen could swear she saw drool on his chin.

“Is he always going to be like that?” she asked.

“No,” Jason responded. “After he gets some blood, he should be pretty normal… just lacking a few key memories.”

Jason stood silently for a moment as he examined the room. Kristen knew he was making sure most of the set props were back in place. And they were, except for the broken coffee table. That was just going to have to be a mystery for their co-workers.

“Are you ready to go?” Jason asked her.

She nodded eagerly.

“Wait. What are we going to do about…?” Ryan asked, with a not-so-subtle nod in her direction.

Kristen froze. Was it time to erase her memories now as well? She almost wished she could be surprised… but she wasn’t. She just felt numb and exhausted.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Jason asked, scowling. She looked over at him in shock. She hadn’t expected Jason to sound so… so… affronted.

“Well, are you going to make her one of us or not? The Church isn’t going to be happy with a human knowing about us and not joining.”

“Ryan, Kristen doesn’t want to become a vampire. She wants nothing to do with us,” he said harshly.

Woah. Where had he gotten that from?

“And don’t you do anything to try and change her mind,” Jason continued. “I’m sick of the way the Church treats humans. I just really want nothing more to do with it, okay?”

Ryan shrugged, putting his hand up. “Whatever, dude. It was just a question.”

Jason rolled his eyes in response. “We’re leaving.”

Ryan stepped towards her and patted her shoulder in farewell. “I’m sorry if I offended you,” he said.

Her mind was on overload at the moment so she just nodded in acceptance. “Don’t worry about it.”

Both she and Jason were silent again on the way to the parking lot. The night wrapped around them in secrecy, like a dark cloak.

Kristen stared at the glow of the moon as if seeing it for the first time. There had been a moment with Chris where she thought she would never see anything else again. Not even Jason had seemed real at first when he had come to save her.

Shaking her head as if to clear it, she started rummaging in her purse for her car keys.

“What are you doing?” Jason asked tensely, giving her a sideways glance.

“I’m trying to find my keys so I can go home,” she told him.

“You think I’m going to let you drive away from here with a broken wrist?” he asked in exasperation. “You’re coming with me until we find someone safe to look at your injuries.”

“I can find someone on my own,” Kristen replied steely. “Why would I even want to go with you when it is clear you want nothing to do with me?”

“Me?” he asked. He stopped walking to look at her. He rubbed his forehead as he stared at her. “I’m trying to give you want you want.”

“What I want? Jason, what are you talking about?”

“You know what! Letting you go. And it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Harder than not drinking blood, harder than leaving the Church.”

“Then why are you doing it? And how could you possibly think that I want you to leave me after we had just made love?” She put her hands on her hips defiantly.

Jason’s jaw clenched as he looked down at her. “You dreamt last night. Or I guess I should say you had a nightmare. About me. You kept saying ‘no, no’ and my name. I thought that was a pretty good sign that you didn’t want me.”

“Jason,” Kristen said, shaking her head. “I dreamt that because I'm afraid of losing you! I know I’m just a human and I don’t get all of this vampire stuff, but last night I was just so scared of losing you because you’re a vampire and I’m not. That terrifies me,” she paused to take a steadying breath. “But it doesn’t stop me from loving you.”

“You still love me?” Jason asked softly. His face had gone slack with surprise but his amber colored eyes betrayed his hope.

Kristen smiled as she felt her heart swell. “Yes, you stupid idiotic ex-Scientologist vampire. I am completely, madly in love with you.”

He exhaled with a small laugh and she giggled in response. He then pulled her gently to him, careful of her bruises. And there, in the abandoned studio parking lot, he held her, clutching her like he would never let go.

“Oh, Kristen,” he whispered against her hair, stroking it gently with one hand. “I will love you always.”

Two months later

Kristen quickly ran a comb through her wet hair. The bathroom was still foggy from her warm shower, so she cleaned a space of the mirror with her fingers so she could see her reflection. Her face was shiny and clean. That would have to do because she was already running late for her meeting with her agent. She grabbed a tube of Chap Stick and rubbed it over her puckered lips.

Suddenly, strong arms grabbed her around her waist, pulling her up from the floor. A rough, stubbled chin rubbed against her cheek.

“Jason!” she shrieked with a laugh, seeing his reflection behind her in the mirror. His brown hair was sticking up in all sorts of different directions. “You scared me!”

With his arms still wrapped around her, he started kissing her neck.

“Sorry love,” he said. His warm hands were already pulling up her sweater and his fingers brushed against the edges of her bra. Her eyes fluttered shut in momentary bliss and then popped open.

“I have a meeting,” she cried, pouting regretfully.

Jason continued pulling on her sweater. “No, you don’t. Cynthia sent you a text. She thinks she is coming down with the flu.”

Kristen closed her eyes again as Jason slowly and deliberately held her against him, sandwiching her body between his strong body and the bathroom counter. He was naked and aroused; she could tell that even when she was wearing jeans.

She opened her eyes to see their reflection. Jason’s eyes were hot and heavy lidded. His mouth pulled into a sexy little smile as he pulled her sweater over her shoulders and arms. Her cheeks flushed and her breathing came faster as she watched his fingers glide over her torso, then up to the lacy cups of her bra. She tilted her head back so he could kiss her.

And kiss her he did. His tongue was hot and caressing, his lips firm against hers. She distantly felt the straps of her bra slide down her arms, falling to the floor. His hands cupped her breasts, teasing her nipples to hard peaks. She moaned her assent against his mouth and then grabbed his hands and tugged them down even lower. Wasting no time, Jason undid the button on the top of her jeans and eased them down her hips with her underwear.

His deft fingers trailed down her legs and then between her thighs where she was aching. His fingers eased slowly in and out, rubbing her most sensitive parts. She was on fire. She wanted him so badly. Every part of him.

“Jace,” she gasped. “Please bite me. Please.”

Their eyes met in the mirror. His expression was a mix of lust and caution.

“Please,” she repeated, moving her hips against his hand.

She offered her throat to him and he put his mouth against her neck again. At first, he kissed and sucked at her pulse point, rocking back and forth against her. She dipped her knees, spreading them even further. His teeth pierced her flesh the same moment he came home, easing deep inside of her.


Kristen drew lazy circles on her boyfriend's chest. They were both laying in bed now, their naked limbs tangled. Jason’s hair still hadn’t been brushed, and it was even messier now than it had been when he told her meeting was cancelled. Kristen felt pleasantly sore and happy.

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” he asked softly.

She snuggled against him, remembering in vivid detail what exactly had happened after he told her her meeting was cancelled. “Nope. It was absolutely amazing,” she sighed. “We should definitely do that more often.”

He chuckled. “But not too often. I wouldn’t want to take too much from you.”

Kristen frowned, wiggling in his arms. “Remember when Ryan asked if you were ever going to make me into a vampire? Do you think-- would you ever want to do that?”

Jason stared at her as if evaluating her words. “If you really wanted me to, I would. I was born a vampire though, Kristen. I can keep aging normally if I drink less blood. I’ll never be completely human but I think we can still live a more or less normal life.”

She grinned against his chest. “Ahh, so you’re thinking you’re gonna want a white picket fence and a Labrador retriever and some cute little fanged babies running around someday?”

His body shook with laughter. “Only if they have your eyes.”


The man leaned back from his desk, taking a moment to glance at his favorite framed photo. It was a young man in a white suit with slicked black hair, his hands and body in a disco pose.

John Travolta smiled at the photo, relishing the memory. He missed his days as a young vampire, before he had to take on the troubles of the Church of Scientology. Taking care of the vampires that served him was a full day of chores that exhausted him.

He looked away from his photo and back to the folder spread open on his desk. There were a few papers of classified information as well as a photo of a pretty young blonde and a dark haired man with a solid, long build. They were both smiling and clutching hands under the table of the Italian restaurant where they had stopped for lunch. He knew the tall man and his family, the Dohrings, quite well. It was time to pay them a little visit.

Travolta called in his assistant.

The timid young vamp bowed before him and waited for his request.

“I need you to call up Dawn at the CW network,” he said, pausing theatrically. “Tell her I’m interested in doing a guest part in their little show Veronica Mars.” He rolled his tongue around the show’s name slowly.

The assistant nodded eagerly at his request, turning to leave. “You got it boss.”

“And one more thing,” Travolta called, watching as his assistant paused. “Can you put the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack over the intercom?” Travolta smiled with his fangs. “I’m feeling a bit nostalgic.”
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You know my thoughts on this already :) Loved it! And I love the John Travolta part, hehehe.
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YAYAYAYAAY! You updated. *does a little dance* The ending was awesome and very satisfying. Loved it! :D YAY Thank you.
love_is_epic: KB/JD - b&wlove_is_epic on March 5th, 2010 02:54 am (UTC)
This is so incredible!! I love this whole entire fic and I can't tell you how happy you've made me by finishing it : )

You've managed to capture what we all love so much about the Logan/Veronica chemistry but with completely different people in Jason/Kristen. You've done an awesome job of separating the two.

And of course I LOVE that Jason came to rescue her! I have to say that John Travolta better not be causing trouble now that our fav couple is happy : ( I wouldn't be opposed to a sequel where they deal with the church, though ; ) *wink, wink*

Thank you so much for making my whole week brighter by sharing this with us!
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Yay!!! One of my icons!
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Nicole Genung: Jensen Hey!!cassiakohn on March 7th, 2010 05:03 am (UTC)
this is great! and has inspired me to start my rewatch of the series AGAIN starting tonight
Eleonorafreezing_82 on March 19th, 2010 10:02 pm (UTC)
LMAO John Travolta!!!
Ok, wait I didn't even know he was part of Scientology! Like, seriously. I knew about Tom Cruise but John Travolta?

I mean..they scare the crap put of me and all that, but this chapter is made of win!
Oh and I too, would want a couple of fanged little babies with Iason if I could.

Great work, darling! I missed your writing! <3
schuylerjoschuylerjo on November 9th, 2010 02:05 pm (UTC)
this is awesome
Seriously, even through the angsty parts, I couldn't stop smiling. I love the concept. I was really weirded out by the idea of JD/KB fic and was worried it was going it would be some sappy "oh I LOVE you but I'm married" crap but the whole vampire element rocked. And I'm not even into Twilight.