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kb_jd's Journal

Kristen Bell /Jason Dohring Fans, yes in that way
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For fans of Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring.

♥ ♥ WELCOME:; to the first LJ community dedicated to Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring.

♥ ♥ WHO:; Kristen and Jason are best known for their roles as Veronica and Logan in Veronica Mars, and their smokin' chemistry has been apparent since day one.

♥ ♥ WHY:; because they're hot, and they'd have very pretty babies. Because they have huge amounts of respect for each other. Because Jason gushes about her whenever possible, and can't help blushing and grinning when he talks about her. Because her body language tells us she's crazy in love. Did we mention that they're hot?

♥ ♥ WHAT:; whether you are a fan of their acting in general, or just think they're cute in a platonic way, or have naughty and lustful thoughts about them on a daily basis, here's the place to discuss it. Post KB/JD related news, fiction, graphics (manips are a go!), chemistry analysis, interviews, musings, discussions, and photos.

♥ ♥ RULES:; the only big rules here are to be respectful and kind to all members, and absolutely no KB or JD bashing. There are other communities for hating on people you don't know. ;)


♥ ♥ RESOURCES:; profile layout; journal layout; graphics
textures/brushes - brasaremean, gender, loveicon.